Target Odors, Kits & Supplies Most dogs learning the activity of K9 Nose Work will transition from searching for food or toys to searching for a "target odor". $12.95. Avoid things that could impair your dog’s ability to hold the scent before heading out to the field. The 3 Scent Nose Work Kit by Canine Training Systems® The Canine Training Systems Nose Work Training Kit is for anyone interested in the rapidly growing sport that every dog can enjoy from the competitive sport dog to the household pet. For safety reasons, Scent Kits and Scent Kit refill items cannot be returned or exchanged. We also have Target Odor Kits, … From shop Leerburg. The entire kit is contained inside of a small, waterproof, impact-resistant, hard, plastic case that makes safely transporting all your scent work training aids convenient and simple. AKC, American Kennel Club and the trademarks, logos, and designs are trademarks of The American Kennel Club, Inc. Used with permission. Seek immediate medical attention if magnets are swallowed or inhaled. If you continue to use this site we will assume that you are happy with it. Ebook: Super Sniffer Handbook: A Guide To Scent Training for Medical Alert Dogs. From letting her work alone while you watch from the sofa  through to you both being actively involved covering larger, more challenging areas. The magnet is not a rare earth magnet, and will be tossed. Those are the "pros" of this kit. Toggle menu Showroom temporarily closed. With your purchase, the buyer confirms that you have read and understood the following warnings, the buyer agrees that he/she is responsible for all damages and injuries caused by the magnets, which include personal injuries, property damages and magnet damages. Curbside pickup is available. Affordable and occasionally geeky products to help you on your scent detection journey. Home We sell kits, training supplies and fun related items for the new urban dog sport of Nose Work. AKC Kit: The AKC kit item number AKC-SC100 (blue case), contains Anise, Birch, Clove and Cypress essential oils. The buyer must agree with the terms before purchase. “Talking Dogs Scentwork® has given me a better connection with my springer. As a Licensed AKC Scent Work Judge, I think this will be useful. The NACSW Education Division's Instructor Certification Program was developed to ensure a standard and quality of instruction that adhered to the founders’ original concepts of training that relied on dogs’ … Sniff Happens t-shirt nosework, scent work, barn hunt, tracking dog TwoTailsUnlimited. Traveling Scent Detection Kit. ... Scent and The Scenting Dog. Celebrate Success One of the most important elements of a training session is making sure your dog enjoys his work. Itʼs all you need to get started with scent games. Putting them in a spot next to each labeled oil would solve that problem. This scent kit is a Gamechanger! These aren't damaged in any other way. 00. neither assumes nor accepts any liability for damages resulting from the handling or use of magnets. instructions how to enable JavaScript in your web browser, Foundation of Sport Detection with Ericka Duggan, 4 target odors: Birch, Anise, Clove, and Cypress, Contains glass jar of 36 non-scented cotton swabs per target odor, 1 magnetic tin, 4 eye droppers, and 4 vials filled with each target odor, Interior dimensions: 7.88" x 3.90" x 3.53", Exterior dimensions: 8.38" x 4.66" x 3.99". It's a high profile, useless tin with a cheapie low grade magnet in it. CKC Scent Detection Kit. Real-life detection dogs are trained to search for a variety of things–drugs, explosives, human remains, currency, other contraband, living humans (such as for Search and Rescue), and much more. For 40+ years we've helped over 300,000 dog trainers just like you! $9.99. Our detection dog and narcotics training accessories are stepping stones for your narc dog to succeed. Essential Oils, K9NW Supplies, Canine Scent Work, NACSW Nosework, AKC Scent, UKC Scent Work, CPE - Canine Performance Events, PSD - Performance Scent Dogs & C-Wags, CKC-Canadia Three separate portable kits are available, each with a different type of scent tin for nosework. 4.5 out of 5 stars 16. Neodymium magnets we sell are very strong. These essential oil kits are great foundational tools when beginning scent training with your K9. I am grateful that you welcomed him along and made sure all dogs and owners felt comfortable. 4.8 out of 5 stars 27. Scent Detection Kit Instructions and Supplies for Nosework Posted on February 3, 2016 by Dr. Carla Simon in FAQs , Making Nosework Hides , Nosework Articles , Nosework Supplies & Equipment Once your dog is trained to search for odor, you’ll need to acquire some hides in order to practice nosework at home. Where your dog’s favourite pastime becomes your favourite activity. $20.99 $ 20. You can purchase pre-made nose work kits from, or for less money and a tad more time, buy the individual items on . He copes in most situations now, if he is ignored and not pressured he will happily ignore the world, but today was something else, he could not wait to get into that room and he wasn't just coping he loved it and grew in confidence so much. Rosie and Monty had a fabulous day and they both totally exceeded anything I could have expected from them. Shop K9 Nose Work Supplies, Nosework, Odor Kits, Nosework Kits, In your scent kit you will find pre-scented filter tips of your selected scent (sweet birch), a magnetic scent tin and tweezers. Adaptil Calm On-The-Go-Collar for Dogs (All Sizes ) | Constant Calming and Comfort Everywhere (Pac… The case is good and so are the labeled jars and oils. The "cons"... there are a couple (which is why this is 3 stars and not 4 or 5). All contained in … The workshop had a lovely relaxed feel to it with loads of opportunities to ask questions, get involved and you made sure everyone got the most out of the day. ... Nosework Kit-Essential Oils Scent Kit. $64.00. Dog Sports Nosework / Scent Work. This kit contains four target odors that people train scent work dogs to search for as well as everything else you will need to get started in scent work. The AKC Scent Work Kit is a small, portable training aid that allows you to train scent work anywhere at anytime. This can be done at many levels. Three separate portable kits are available, each with a different type of scent tin for nose work. UKC Nosework Kit. The first variation, allows you to hit the ground running with prescented q-tips. In AKC Scent Work, dogs search for cotton swabs saturated with the essential oils of Birch, Anise, Clove, and Cypress. I will take your relationship with your dog to new levels, helping her to engage with you, far beyond scentwork. Nose Work T-shirt & supplies, target odors of Birch, Anise and Clove; along with Smiley Tins & hide containers. Overall I' happy and will be making some modifications. A few points before you get started. $73.00 $ 73. The AKC Scent Work Kit is a small, portable training aid that allows you to train scent work anywhere at anytime. $4.49 shipping. Stay in touch! Instead I will add straws or heat shrink tubing and Quake hold in the spot to increase it's usability. This kit includes: 4 scent vials A huge thank you for a the fantastic workshop this weekend. 99. C-Wags – Birch, Clove, Cypress, Anise. An eye dropper is provided to use with each vial of target odor. The other thing is that the tin is pretty superfluous and just added to the cost. Buffy had a ball! Scentwork is a natural behaviour for a dog and essential in hunting and finding prey. $37.99. Once sold, we will no longer carry this item. 406 Technology Drive West Swallowed magnets can stick together across intestines causing serious infections and death. The whole weekend was entertaining and informative and as for my nervous reactive boy well that was amazing. Superb masterclass focusing on the handling skills which need to be developed to enhance the scentwork partnership given by Pam of Talking Dogs Scentwork®. Looking to get into scent work and want the kit so you can get cracking? Get access to great lessons on how to manage a multi-dog home, participate in discussions, and earn a certificate of completion RISK FREE. By engaging with your dog in an activity that she already loves, sniffing,  you can quickly help your dog to pay more attention to you, to be able to concentrate and in turn feel tired and relaxed. I wouldn't want to mess them up. Your complete kit Contents: Scentwork carry case - please note the case is scuffed in places hence the reduced price. I'll trash the magnet, put in a rare earth magnet and will use the tin (possibly) with one of my beginner classes or with inaccessible hides when it doesn't matter that the tin is easily grabbed by a dog.. ... PET ARTIST Dog Scent Training Box, Police Dog Scent Training Canisters for GSD Malinois K9 Work Dogs Training. Leerburg Nosework Kit for NACSW. From shop TwoTailsUnlimited. Included as well is a small aerated metal tin (colors may vary) that holds a scented cotton swab and a magnet that allows you to hide training aids on or under metal objects. $53.00. Welcome Scentdog is designed for those pet owners just dipping a toe in the scent work world and also trainers who teach pet nose work. Handling them with care is necessary to prevent personal injuries, property damages and magnet damages. A silver Sharpie pen did, with the first letter of the oil on each bulb to prevent mixing them up. Dogs have a highly sensitive nose, vastly superior to our own. I used my Brother label maker to make little labels for the squeeze bulbs of the tubes, but that didn't work well. We use cookies to ensure that we give you the best experience on our website. $14.95. Talking Dogs Scentwork® offers a non-competitive way to have fun with your dog and tire her out positively and quickly. 5 out of 5 stars (748) 748 reviews $ 22.00. I didn't want them scented. The holes fit most dog breeds and allow dogs to work to source, the highest concentration of target odor. $38.00 - $49.00. A ventilated metal tin with sliding top containing magnets and lab paper for hiding scent. (Please note the tin in the photo is a cold distraction, so no gloves were required in its handling.) Only left in stock. The AKC Scent Work Kit is a small, portable training aid that allows you to train scent work anywhere at anytime. The Scent Work Rosette is the perfect way to show off your dog's accomplishments. Nosework Kit: Photo is of an AKC kit. Please allow 2-3 weeks for delivery. The atmosphere was supportive, friendly and reflective ensuring feedback was both constructive and thought provoking resulting in some key changes for some of us . Leerburg AKC Scent Work Kit. When picking a target odour, avoid choosing a scent that your dog will be encountering often, like herbs or spices that you regularly use in cooking. Quick view Add to Cart. $59.99 Upside is having the oil and the empty labeled jars in a Pelican Case (per AKC regs, the Qtips need to be prepared at least 24 hours ahead of time and be placed in a glass jar). The Beginner Scent Kit comes in two variations, both provide the foundation supplies to start you on your nose work adventures. AKC Scent Work Kit Leerburg. PRODUCTS: Oils ~ Cotton Swabs ~ Tins ~ Other Containers ~ Accessories ~ Kits (We can accept verified foreign funds for payment through PayPal but we ONLY ship within the United States) TRAINING AND BEHAVIOR SERVICES: Obedience Training for Dogs and Puppies (one-on-one sessions only) ~ Behavior Modification Pre-Adoption Counseling ~Nose Work Classes (see K9 Nose Work for more information) Leerburg Enterprises, Inc. AKC Scent Work Kit. Whatever you are looking for, be it help to focus your dog, help her to adore you rather than ignore you or simply teach your dog a fabulous skill for fun, I have the scentwork skills, experience and courses to help you reach your goals. Get it as soon as Wed, Jan 6. Shipping included with this product. Inspired by working detection dogs, K9 Nose Work is the fun search and scenting activity for virtually all dogs and people. What a great day! Get the latest news on products, sales, and online courses by signing up for our newsletter. Scent Kit … This easy to learn activity and sport builds confidence and focus in many dogs, and provides a safe way to keep dogs fit and healthy through mental and physical exercise. Each AKC Scent Work Kit contains a jar with 36 non-scented cotton swabs for each of the four common target odors, Birch, Anise, Clove, and Cypress. What an amazing day! I wrap them in clean plastic wrap after rinsing them with alcohol after each use to prevent contaminating the carrier with the different scents.