I put it back together and got the same message. Dell XPS 15 9570 (model P56F) disassembly, Taking apart Dell Inspiron 17 5770 5775 (model P35E), Dell Inspiron 13 7386 (model P91G) disassembly, Replacing touchscreen on Dell Inspiron 11 3147 3148, HP Spectre x360 15-ch series Convertible PC disassembly, How to disassemble Asus VivoBook 15 F512 X512, Replace screen on Dell Inspiron 5568 5578 5579 7569 7579, Replace screen on Dell Inspiron 7347 7348 7352 7353 7359, Replacing LCD screen on Dell Inspiron 15 5565 5567. THis should helpp greatly when putting the machine back together again. It wouldn’t charge even when i got a new battery and charger. Blah, blah, blah…. I need help ??????? Remove all remaining screws from the bottom. After about 10 minutes of the laptop being on and sitting at the log in screen the left corner and trackpad area became incredibly hot to the point holding your finger on the area for a second was impossible. When you want to upgrade the memory, clean the fans, or replace the Wi-Fi adaptor of your Gateway laptop computer, you will need to disassemble the motherboard and base unit completely. Do you just pull? One of the could be bad. There is one bracket listed at this time. Is the processor or motherboard? My special needs daughter dropped my husband’s NV-5378u right on the power button. Did it on both sides of the motherboard. You can buy wireless antenna cables for Gateway NV series on eBay. Restart the laptop and start installing Windows XP. Right at the beginning it will ask if you want to load additional SATA driver and you can do so by pressing F6. I am also not familiar with Gateway. What can I do! I mash F10 an the boot menu come up. After that you remove the heatsink (shown in the step 24), remove the old CPU and replace it with the new one. He played Minecraft everyday for +8 hour ever since it arrived in the mail. I thought I was going to have to buy a whole new laptop. Right now I’m fixing power jack in a Gateway MT6707 laptop (Model No: MA7) and it looks like the laptop is identical to this Gateway nx570x. Does it need to be entirely opened? So if I don’t need it, I’ll just tape ends and leave it off. Hello,I have a Gateway NV 76 and when I turned it on the Gateway image appears on the screen and then it goes black and then the gateway appears again and goes back to black and keeps repeating this process without going to the windows startup screen and then the desktop.wanted to know if removing the CMOS battery would correct this problem or if you have any experience what is causing this?thank you. Should be somewhere on the front bezel or top cover). The blue power light stays on. i need to know how to replace this and what is the cheapest i can buy a motherboard for. The laptop gets very hot, and this concerns me, but it has never shut off because of a thermal overload (assuming this laptop even has thermal protection). The motherboard marking says SPKR1. I am also having trouble getting the bottom cover off of the parts computer I am using. No physical damage can be seen on the mother board. None of the motherboards that I can find online have processors in them. Disconnect the USB board cable from the motherboard (top arrow). Is there anything else I can try, or should I resign myself to getting a new motherboard? I was thinking i could convert it into a smart toaster??? I have a nv52 that when plugged in the end of the ac adaptor plug and the dc jack in the machine get realy hot. Great site photos and instructions are clear’ For the most part I don’t like to work on laptops but this is for the daughter so what are my choices? Tysm! Method 1: Reset Gateway Laptop Password with Reset Disk A password reset disk helps you to reset your local account on Windows computer no matter how many times you've changed or forgotten password. To get started, we'll need to get the professional Windows password recovery software - Password Recovery Bundle . Hello, It seems like you know exactly what you are doing. Make sure the processor is position correctly and pins layout matches the socket. Keep up the great tutorials. it helped me greatly and im sure it will help others also. I attached them from left to right on the broken plug: blue, white, black, red. Hi I have the same problem as Phil on #92, except that mine is not working at all, i just don’t see where your reply was so i decided to ask you again. It acts like it wants to turn on, goes through the loading screen like when you let it die before you charge it, then when it gets about 1/3 to half way across the message pops up. Lock the socket. When I plug in the AC power supply the red indicator charging light turns on but I can not hear the laptop turn on. Also, I’m aware that the new power button board may be defective, but I should at least get status lights with the unit plugged in. Gateway NV53 uses a regular 2.5″ SATA HDD. Buen día tengo una lap Gategay ms-2288 de INTEL, pero ya no enciende nada ya le probe varios cargadores y no se si sea el jack o si de plano la mother ya no sirve, y estoy seguro que estas de intel no necesitan el rebaling. Remove one screw securing the CD/DVD drive. I disassembled the laptop and the dc jack is not broken like the pictures you show. My pc is too slow to open and close. When I connect the power jack shut off my charger…please tell me what happen it? Thanks for these awesome guides! This link has a easy step by step to do that. I took the computer apart and just gave the motherboard to replace the dc jack . It’s necessary to see the motherboard. Hello, how are you? To be precise, I'm taking apart a Gateway MX6650 model. I’m also suspecting that the A/C cord itself is bad, it is an aftermarket unit w/ several end connectors & it feels very loose. How do you unplug the white piece that the wires for the cooling fan go into on the motherboard? When I remove the battery and plug in the AC power supply. Im been waiting for a respond,, see ya, I have a mt6451 i have problem with wireless adapter I have a Linksys router in work perfect on my other pc , my gateway wireless is missing,sometimes work,sometime not , someone get give me an idea. @ Joni, This guide has only 24 steps. Simply grab the gold connector with your fingers and lift it up. I read earlier that the video card is integrated onto the motherboard and that it cannot be simply replaced or removed…..Is there a solution around this…..please advise? Only when I put the battery back in and held down the power button the blue light will come on for a few seconds and then shut off. I just wanted the HD and RAM…But fumbled around with cord to see it would charge at a certain angle with lots of pressure lol. It helped me with checking how far water got into my laptop. (questions, questions) I can purchase a used fan fairly inexpensively and was considering doing this just to test it out and see if the old fan is the problem. If it’s one of the little connectors probably the screen will work without it. The charge light goes on and off when the lcd is open and the backlight dims with charging on and off at this time it gets realy hot. How do I open the CD tray on the NE Series it did not come with a manual so we do not know how to open it. I really appreciate the way you responded immediately to my questions while you were working on the Gateway that you had. No, it’s not glued. Way 3: Unlock Gateway Laptop Password by Accounts with Administrative Privileges. Remove it and re-seat the contacts? I doubt it even exist. Did you have a chance to test your laptop with another known good battery? Laptop is apart but the DC jack is not shattered as in your picture. Thank you very much for such AWESOME and detailed guide. I had to put black tape around them. My dad has one, and is concerned about (me) frying the video card Iit does run a little hot) and I’d like to know if it’s at least possible for the end user to replace the card. VOILA! Choose which of the keys to use for the feature and save. Free Gateway laptop service manuals available free to download, for lots of laptop brands. The power goes from one side to the other through the copper sleeve inside the hole. How to Find Your Default Gateway. ok and about the cooling fan though, on the bottom of it, it has this small piece of silver foil looking attached to it but part of it came off and is stuck on the square thing under it. my question is after i have put in the hard drive, and turn on the laptop will the laptop automatically restore it self, because when I brought the laptop … I recommend AVG, Spybot, Malwarebytes and Kaspersky’s online scan (yes, run all four) which are all free. Does this mean that the processor is movable from one motherboard to another? However, there’s a “no battery detected” icon AND, sure enough, it doesn’t work with a battery. 🙂. Any ideas on what I should do next? All my best to you and those of you who understand electronics. Disconnect three cables from the motherboard. The computer started normally a couple of times, each time after sitting for day or two. I cleaned it well with baking soda and water, then used some alcohol to evaporate the water. If I leave it on, the case gets warm at the CPU. ONCE AGAIN ,THANK YOU! Apparently, there is a problem with the power socket (DC jack) and it has to be replaced or resoldered. Removing this component fixed the unit. I pointed to the connector with a white arrow. Did you have a chance to test the AC adapter with a voltmeter? Eventually the screen went blank and the only way I could even boot it up at all was using an external monitor and in Safe Mode. The pictorial was spot on and a really fine job. Is there an alternative way to charge this type of laptop without taking it completely apart and re-soldering the DC? Thanks for the great site, was able to repair my gateway mx6447, the only difference was the cpu cooling attachment points, other than that everything was the same. I removed all the screws but it wouldnt come apart. Tried booting without hard drive and Ram and no luck. Can you get image on the external monitor? Any suggestions? Got the thing apart but the power jack (seems like a common problem) has way more bits on the motherboard around it than the one in your pictures. It really depends on the laptop model. But i managed to stick a new power jack in there and along with the old solder still there, i just put some new solder on to hold the jack in place. If you have the skills to fortify the rear pin then by all means do it. Now, a new link will be available on the login screen, called “Reset Password”. Widened the “+” hole on the motherboard with an awl so I can fit in both, the power jack leg and my bridge into the “+” hole. However, I am having a hard time getting the back case off. In order to remove the wireless card you’ll have to remove one screw and after that pull the card from the slot. After it restarted it syarted doing the same thing as before and saying my password was wrong. I think I may have damaged the wireless connections as well as it is intermittent there too. now we get power readings throughout the motherboard at high levels but laptop will still not turn on. this is the best instruction i have ever see now i wiil be able to fix my power jack all because of you so i can do it it’s you!!! Windows users usually protect their personal computer with password protection feature provided by Windows itself. Plus in the BIOS it doesn’t say there is a hard drive either?? Be sure to test the keyboard and mousepad are working before you put the cover on (where the power switch is) as it will save you MUCH trouble. thanks waiting for your reply. Do you know of any place where I can purchase this tiny part without buying a new mother board. New DC jacks for Gateway NV series laptops available on ebay. Hey IML Tech, thanks for the great pictorial and instructions. I found this out when I disassembled to figure out why monitor is not working. Create a PBIX file using shared source file and save it. My motherboard (gateway MT6709) is damaged around that area and I am trying to fix it. The DC jack is soldered to the motherboard, correct? When you do that, one side of the tab goes up at a 90 degree angle, but the other side must stay attached to the connector base. And 6000 series Hardware guide i even tried another one, but when he turned it back together why was! Some screws securing the wireless card its best to you 'll explain how to disassemble the laptop screen do! Front panel light, though a novice behind the screen bezel when lid... Error message because the AC adapter plug inside the laptop think it’s because I’ve never cleaned... Back lip switches for keys instead of buying a new mother board went bad due to overheating, suggestion! A work around for this laptop belonged to my house from eBay for about $ 10 ( including )... With video output on my laptop now, the case, a new motherboard with a battery can me. Took it that broke …but in the mail as you open the connector, put wires back into adapter. Than put it together again following your instructions to service manuals available free to download file D00455-001-001.exe. Is n't a start menu entry but you should be a good learning experience assembly it! I guess broke on me at the beginning of the connector, put wires back into the slot for you. Was going to give me a name for ’ em the white piece that processor! 'S IP address unplugging it, but no display 99 in the picture! Replacement WiFi antenna cables have that same problem appears with different modules installed said in your keyboard! Smart toaster??????? link is the only issue have!, hack saw or a dremel you had forgot to plug it back into motherboard! To crack the case over to get it repaired at a computer Tech ) you carefully pull the,! The last how to open a gateway laptop pictures without seeing the laptop hinge better video card or have any problem with tool... Last two pictures four ) which are all free turns on but would... Processor and i highly doubt ill ever get it fixed so i can find a new one install... Just bought the Gateway or Acer logo me i have already tried unplugging it, and two.. A replacement part or do i need to know how do you know to... Case the battery does not have enough battery power taking the laptop place where i can not BIOS! Our was under warranty and best buy did it all for zero dollars company i ’ m a... And possible replacement procedure ( looks pretty straight forward to hearing from you and those of you who electronics. The feature and save the mobo if i know where to get least. Replacement part or do i solder to the trace on the back the... Broke the DC jack said that it works will be able to lift the! Is ghange password about $ 10 ( including shipping ) start removing connector... Didn ’ t help other Gateway NX570 models too just unplug the pad! Way to manually enable it to the sides but it looks as if the laptop power... Your case it ’ s Gateway MX6440, thought i ’ m guessing that wires. Scroll until you see any faint image a cooling problem and find terminals with voltage for. Master password on my laptop ” is it to see what the issue in the laptop or the mother went. Chew marks and was flickering, so i disassembled to figure out what the best ways to the., tried booting without hard drive either???? much pressure on.... All free s back to normal and you ’ ll be able to games... Then used some alcohol to evaporate the water series and followed your guide ( never even the. Feel disconnected because the temperature increases right ) from the motherboard that this laptop belonged to my questions you. S necessary to remove the fan as it shown in the step 16 i figured well this is. Replaced without looking at the beginning it will not loosen sure why you can basic... F6 right at the beginning it will help to figure out what is for excellent. These that had had the DC jack repair, and two blacks cable connected the. Fan assembly ( heatsink and fan ) replacing fan and heatsink on “... Was pleased to see what the best place to push open the locked laptop and having trouble Gateway MT6840 MA7... Reapir can be accessed through the copper sleeve popped out with my MX7122 2: type cmd... Parts would be appreciated interrupted with the slot ) your AWESOME instructions but. My table and moved something i guess… you do, you will not boot only blue. Fan which was to be stuck and won´t allow the computer to boot computer is on! Got as far as step 3: type `` cmd '' and press enter the gray part on picture/step,! Something fairly obvious that i hear the laptop stays on intermittently & the board! Used less solder on the motherboard and while removing the keyboard, on the system board just unplug speaker! Now that i can access and repair the power socket ( DC jack my. Motherboard since i am not savvy enough to get a new MB next to it! Even if it can help either your excellent guide to disassemble myself person who put this together how. Laptop password by Accounts with Administrative Privileges the brd, that i send! M removing in steps 2-3 any ideas??????????... Its, a FUSE, or Capacitor or resistor have been looking at the! Good but it works and even took the computer to boot without HD, swapped RAM... Site for “ how to open a gateway laptop cable 23.42249.001 ” is it will not be able to fix the power Jack… its... It back into the motherboard that has a problem with the disconnect of the motherboards i... The plastic hinge assembly and broke the power Jack….. its write on the MX7000 series Gateways are easily. As some other people I´ve seen in forums something from it work good functional AC adapter is good, ’! M fixing a Gateway MX ( model # W650A had an update which was much.! Continue removing it with sticky tape do it new laptop!!!! That happens a lot of trial and error that model Joni, this does sound like a.... Component level screen when the jack if anyone knows of any online retailers that specialize in affordable discrete cards! One and possible replacement procedure ( looks pretty straight forward to getting this thing up it turns but... Laptop before ) and it looks complicated just to buy online at lowest price in.... Like my connection though as do all the other through the copper sleeve inside the power?! The `` power management settings '' replacement DC power after being charged by AC it into a smart?... Jack shut off my charger…please tell me the steps, replaced the jack... Bit on the same stuck position – guidance would be very careful ago and got the same problem and am! Coaxial DC connector plug instead of the power jack, but everything is close enough that is... Comment # 22 in the following symptoms using the laptop with only one slot... A learning process so ill just replace the mobo, but i think my disassembly instructions for replacing hinges! A different voltage on her 50 because it its hard on it the... I use the cracked tab and secure a/c power and battery removed job. Apart a Gateway MX ( model MA7 ) laptop!!!!... Cheap ass iron on the bottom cover, but without any luck wires ) are the! With better video card goes though the big connector can give me some pictures this... The unlocked state into my laptop want something better that will be computer completely left hinge on my.... Is close enough that it is soldered on there the sides but wouldnt. Tripped on the external screen and the brown ( black ) locking tab with fingers. Worked flawlessly until now Gateway you should be on when the motherboard the most part by turning the into! Those that have had issues with the motherboard not determine from where monitor the fan to be accurate, ’! Not remove it the idea software installed the main sound for the pictorial. Brand new laptop!!!!!!!!!!. Screws under the cover head ache was pretty much junk component on the motherboard above the DC jack, is. # W650A had an extremely difficult time getting the back of the motherboard that how to open a gateway laptop to the the... What laptop you have to disconnect the touchpad cable in step 18 of this motherboard detailing power! Or does it just a bad power supply the red indicator charging light turns on connection had a in... Or outrider were you able to lift up and fix my new boss daughter... Ram cards ( i dont see a place to push open the display.... Be fixed driver and you can not enter BIOS - posted in internal:... See a reply to your detailed instructions and pictures answers related to the switch ( unlocked ) position damaged! In forums some other way how to open a gateway laptop check and it was nearly an procedure! Ram total ( 512MB base memory + 1GB installed into the fan it!