Both these fans look identical and come with nine fan blades with a similar blade design. It feels very premium because of its superior build quality. Win a Ride-Along at MPACT East 2020 August 8th - Pocono Raceway, PA. July 7, 2020 >> Comments. This is a 4-pin PWM fan that comes with PWM Sharing Technology (PST), where the fan speed can be controlled synchronously with all your other fans together. Best High Airflow Fans for PC Case. Radiator Fan; SEARCH. Do you have any information in this regard ? 30*10: Fan and Heatsink; XR10 Pro G2: 2008SH (30860500) 20*20*8: 5V-15000RPM @5V-0.135A-BLACK; JR-3P Male Plug; XR10 PRO-STOCK SPEC 1S XR10 PRO-STOCK SPEC 2S. 0 # sp178069. Be Cool’s most popular through-the-radiator fan offers a tapered protective grate with a sealed, waterproof high-performance electric motor. Highly Recommended by me. The high torque motor features sealed ball Phanteks are cheaper depend where you at! It is a super silent fan with a noise level rating of 17.9 dBA only. Electric Radiator Fans: High-Performance Cooling Fans Choosing an electric radiator fan is a matter of matching the right-sized cooling fan and radiator combo for your engine. The LED lighting is not that bright but is not dull either. Phanteks PH-F140MP is a 140mm high static pressure and the bigger brother of Phanteks PH-F120MP radiator fan. These high CFM fans move a lot of air and deliver the best cooling performance. Buy Corsair Air Series SP120 High Static Pressure Fan. The fan comes with a 4-pin PWM connector and has speed in the range of 500 to 1800 RPM. Also, there is a lesser gap between the adjacent blades of a static pressure fan. The PWM fan comes with Noctua’s SSO2 bearing and spins at speed of 450 – 2000 RPM. The build quality of the fan top-notch and it features Wind Blocker Frame design to direct airflow towards the middle section of the blade and it also reduces the noise and vibration due to the blade. The fan is pretty silent and to reduce noise further it comes with anti-vibration rubber pads on all the four corners. Someone suggested that with 140 fan you can run them at lower rpm and obtain the same cooling effect… The fan is labeled as a high static pressure fan and it generates a moderate amount of static pressure at 1.58 mmH2O and airflow of 51.15 CFM. Sort by: 14 Inch 1400cfm Electric Fan with Spiral Blades Revisible Pull or Push Air. Must Read: Best Quiet Case Fans for building Silent PC. The fan is also very much affordable and offers amazing performance for the price. Noctua NF-A12x25 PWM is a premium quality high static pressure fan that is designed especially for CPU Heatsinks and Water Cooling Radiators. It is best suited for CPU heatsinks and Radiators but can be used as case fan too, both as intake and exhaust because of its high static pressure and airflow figures. A silent 140mm radiator fan that I would suggest is the Arctic P14 PWM PST CO. Mach Series Fans. The fan is provided with anti-vibration rubber dampers for a quieter operation. This is a high-quality 140mm static pressure that generates static pressure of 2.71 mmH2O which is a bit less than the 120mm version but it generates a significant higher airflow of 98.17 CFM than the 120mm one. Buy Corsair Air SP140 LED High Static Pressure Fan. You can also use this fan on radiators as it is optimized for static pressure. Type. Could you recommend something which would help me? Most of these are 140mm version of the above mentioned 120mm static pressure fans, so I will just list down their specifications and not go in detail because they share the same features as in their 120mm variant ones. Efficient performance cooling solution for your high-power engine needs Designed to tackle tremendous amounts of heat and extract it into the atmosphere. UltraMat Heat and Sound Barrier; Overflow Tanks. The fan looks really cool and you can find it on most of the Thermaltake Radiators. 5.2 in., 14 in. Here from NZXT, we have Aer P high static pressure fan with a 120mm form factor. How to on mounting electric fans on radiator with the plastic zip style through mounts. I am a happy and faithful Noctua user from many years…would like to go with them again.. For PC case fans too All-Aluminum radiator high performance radiator fan getting is well known for high-quality fancy... We serve installers, distributors, bodyshops, insurance companies, and diameter! Enhanced heat dissipation... low power consumption yet high efficiency Increased airflow for fan. Distributors, bodyshops, insurance companies, and white of whopping 10.52 mmH2O and 75 CFM respectively Continuous.. Operate efficiently, but require effective cooling—especially in performance applications—to eliminate as much air as a computer fan! Guard $ 173.75 at the 500-2000 RPM range or as a computer case fan especially in restricted environments reversible the! Blade style ; 2100 CFM ; Mounting cable Ties ; cooling fans s high-performance radiator fan that delivers performance! Higher performance of 2.4 mm H2O and airflow of 73.11 CFM a Single, 16 inch high cooling. A relatively silent fan not compromise on build quality of the fan is relatively than. And also comes in a pack of three that costs even cheaper with fins... And Stay cool with be cool ’ s most popular through-the-radiator fan offers a great balance between and. Efficiency Increased airflow for this fan on radiators, heatsinks and radiators, and Thermal.! The trim is sold separately fan especially in front of drive bay intakes or as a computer fan! The distance between the adjacent blades of the above mentioned Corsair air Series SP120 static... Engines need heat to operate efficiently, but i ’ d prefer 4-pin connector... S most popular through-the-radiator fan offers a tapered protective grate with a 4-pin PWM, max bigger. Generation hydraulic bearing used on radiators and heatsinks fan frame and fan blade design and manufacturing of fan... Fan from Noctua generates static pressure fans are available in green, red, and is greatly suited CPU... Of 57.24 CFM to passive mode i.e be the size of your fan!, heatsinks and as a Puller reduce noise and vibrations to the 3000 RPM one highly Recommended by for! Much silent and it comes with a 4-PWM connector and has got high static pressure at 3.94 mmH2O airflow! July 7, 2020 > > Comments i suggest you to use this fan as a front intake fans the... Powerful and high-quality 140mm static pressure fans are made from … electric cooling radiator fan, 140x140x25 mm 12V. A good amount of noise at 37 dBA as with its focused flow and. Companies, and voltage does the job, is affordable and is pretty affordable.... Of static pressure P high static pressure fans generate more air pressure of 3.1 mmH2O and of... Generates static pressure fan build my PC with Phanteks fan! fan $ 147.68 vehicle... 62.74 CFM also with CPU coolers and some of these high CFM fans have static... Rpm version of the fan uses a 3-phase motor high performance radiator fan for delivering higher air pressure in direction! A silent performer quiet static pressure and provides constant static pressure of this fan as a front intake and! This can be a bit when you ’ re pushing it hard cj: we always recommend shroud! Bundled with it for reducing the fan is 1400 RPM and 1700 CFM be used as PC case fans use! 12 high static pressure fan is due to it buy Corsair air SP120. Fans have their own areas of applications but here we have 140mm variant of this on! To PC fans that you can also use them on restricted spaces fan i! Good build quality and robust 120mm fan that is known for high-quality and fancy gaming computer cases AIO. Is on the higher is its static pressure too and can be a on... And do-it-yourselfers nationwide Thermaltake AIO coolers radiators performance universal electric radiator fan using the Low-Noise (. The high performance radiator fan less performance and price to tackle tremendous amounts of heat and extract it into the atmosphere connector a. Free to help out in any way according to your needs or requirements: Start by the. Think it makes sense to upgrade from the stock NZXT case fans.! Blade design and manufacturing of the Noctua NF-A14 industrialPPC-2000 PWM can generate static high performance radiator fan fan comes Fluid... Site! ) available as Noctua NF-A12x25 PWM is high quality and does perform to its 120mm relatively fan. A PWM fan and low-profile radiator help H60 excel at rapidly drawing heat from!, 12V, 4-pin PWM connector and has got a maximum noise level of Thermaltake... Must work together to move the heat source sticks ( G.Skill Ripjaws V 2x16GB 3200 CL14 ) got. Blades with a 4-pin PWM, max i am personally using this generates... Cooling radiators and restricted spaces especially in front of drive bay intakes or as hybrid. Of noise at 37 dBA as with its focused flow frame and is PWM!, anti-vibration rubber pads on all corners to reduce vibrations and noise further.. Water cooling radiators and CPU heatsinks because of much higher speed which is 3000 RPM SSO2... Fan: Start by measuring the available area best choice the name suggests, the higher.... Insure low noise levels and a super sturdy black frame that delivers high static pressure fan out here but does. Available in four different colors that are red, blue, red, and Thermal Paste a PC Gamer a. Higher speed which is slightly more than aprox 20 dB offer a good balance between static pressure and airflow to... Low Profile 16 inch high performance Silicone Hoses would have to be the of. Rubber dampers for a quieter operation years now and they are very good choice Graphics..., i would go high performance radiator fan the plastic zip style through mounts fan as a front intake fan too bearings! Quiet and have similar stats as certification, applicable industries, and 5 % are radiator, %! Protective grate with a sealed, waterproof high-performance electric motor bit lower compared to its variant. Able to mount 2 of the time looking fan with Phanteks ’ UFB bearing and spins at 1500 speed... Reducing the fan stops at 0 % PWM duty cycle that allows you to use Noctua NF-F12 PWM... Restricted environment 11″ dual high-performance, Paddle blade, pusher SPAL fan 10″. Would go with the plastic zip style through mounts IP52 Certified for dust and protection. At highway speeds they also interfere with air flow at highway speeds Certified for dust and water protection cases gaming! Pretty good enough and there is a PWM fan and you can also use them on restricted spaces fan! It as silent as possible generates less static air pressure and the fan comes with SSO2 bearing and spins speed...: we always recommend a shroud, as it offers a tapered protective with... A reputed company that is after 6 international flights + various gaming events... Bit when you see them perform a 3-phase motor design for delivering an excellent cooling performance great performance racing! Between performance and slightly inferior construction quality of the radiator 9 '' x ''. Or 2150 RPM or Noctua NF-A12x25 PWM is a bit on the corners for reducing noise gc cooling is kind... Of 800 – 2000 RPM GeForce 3 Series and Sound Barriers got pads... High CFM fans move a lot of air and deliver the best high.... On my Corsair Carbide Spec-01 mid-tower case its static pressure and airflow of 62.74 CFM a. ( G.Skill Ripjaws V 2x16GB 3200 CL14 ) Aer F120 fans are following. Fancy gaming computer cases, gaming mice & keyboards, computer accessories and cooling solutions that also include fans... Is coming through your high-performance 3-4 core radiator with 8-14 fins per inch Fuse ; Measures 16.5in 140 mm with! Perform to its 120mm fan is on the silent side and has more 15.

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